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-1 Introduction The Emacs library -1 Introduction LaTeX environments handling TeX Style System for AUCTeX -1 Overview This package is an attempt to reimplement the TeX Style System. Indeed I noticed that there were problems especially with very large documents sharing many files. Thus if you are used to have your document source in a single big TEX file, you’ll probably not be interested in this system.

The known problems were in particular a non one to one correspondance between TEX files and their associated so called styles. Indeed styles were not fully featured objects allowing a good correspondance. They are replaced by objects without saying at this point what these objects are.

Anyway, the crucial point for the one who will try to use this new system, is that it is compatible in ONE WAY ONLY with the original TeX Style System. It means that Tss will be abel to understand your old .el files (in auto of style subdirectories). But if new information about the TEX file need to be recorded, a new .el file will be created. The latter won’t be compatible with the old TeX Style System. Hence if you plan to go back to the old system, you’d beter find a way to save your .el files somewhere.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion or comment. You can checkout the code Tss without any restriction. If you want to contribute and checkin write to to obtain a password. Requirements These implementation of the TeX Style System requires emacs 24.0.50 since objects are implemented using which is part of this emacs version. Anyway if you can use with previous versions of emacs it should work.

Tss is known to work well with latter cvs version of . Installation Since this code is still a work in progress, there’s no tarball neither deb rpm or whatever packagin available. Hence if you want to use this package, you must be able to checkout from the svn repository : Tss.

Then simply enter the directory created by checking out and type make

Finally add following lines in your .emacs file (replacing “/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/Tss” by the location of the code :
;;; – – Tss

(add-to-list ’load-path "/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/Tss")
(add-to-list ’after-load-alist
’("tex.el" . ((require ’Tss-TeX-remap))))
(add-to-list ’after-load-alist
’("latex.el" . ((require ’Tss-LaTeX-remap))))
(add-hook ’LaTeX-mode-hook (lambda ()
(require ’Tss-TeX-remap)
(require ’Tss-LaTeX-remap)))

;;; – – End Tss
Restart your emacs. All parsing and style loading will be done automatically. Anyway if you want to force your auto/file.el files to be regenerated simply type TeX-style-system-save within the file.tex file. Technical notes

How and when auto files are made and saved ? At the moment the problem his that autofiles are remade and saved only for .tex file and not for .sty file. In fact it seems that no style is even created for a .sty file. History -1 Introduction Known problems Waht corresponds a .el file to ? In fact I think that, according to the place where it is found, it should correspond to different thinkgs. More precisely a style package or a document. In particular when looking for the .el file corresponding to a document or a piece of document should it be searched in TeX-style-private or not. Default behavior is yes and Tss behavior is no. For document or pieces of document Tss only searches .el files in TeX-auto-loacl and TeX-style-local. Anyway we certainly should allow user to customize this behavior.

For instance if you name a document or document part import.tex will look for the import.elc file in TeX-style-private even if you do not want to activate import support. The import package support -1 Introduction The simple support It is implemented in the import.el file that should be placed in one of the directories where can load the so called style files. When a usepackageimport is encountered and parsed by , corresponding import.el file or its corresponding compiled version import.elc will be loaded. The support The integration

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.

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