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-1 Introduction Mains tools are a browser and a code generator.

You can browse the lfs book with browser and building the code generator database step by step. Once it is done you can open the code generator an make it run through the build button.

The whole stuff will be tested with lfs 11.1 but since book structure do not change it is probably usable with other version eventually up to minor changes. We did not test yet with clfs.


Configuring Once you installed the package you have to put in your .emacs file something like :

;;;  -- Lfs 
;;; PLN Mon Apr  5 16:03:58 2021

(autoload ’lfs-start "plnlfs"
  "Starts a new lfs project" t)

(autoload ’lfs-view-generator "plnlfs"
  "Loads and show the generator" t)

(autoload ’lfs-add-step "plnlfs"
  "Adds a new step" t)
;;;  -- End Lfs 

You can then start to browse the lfs book version you want. Recall that as an example we will browse version 11.1. Starting lfs project You can start an lfs project by simply issue lfs-start. You will be asked certain informations to install and download things properly on your system. Downloading packages lfs-sources Making package database Anyway in section 3.2 you will have to constitute the package database. Issue plnlfs-make-data and you will be asked to give a title and a location for this database. Simply issue plnlfs-browse and you will be asked to enter an url corresponding to the lfs book you want to browse.

Even if tools in the plnlfs packages are designed to automate many tasks in lfs installation it is better to do some of them manually since they are not really time consuming not to repetitive. So quitely read part I of the book.

In part II section 2 give a few recommandations that might be executed manually.

In section 3.1 you might use suggested wget based procedure to downlaod sources.

Follow instructions contained in section 4.

From section 5.4 you will start to add a step per section running from the browsed page lfs-add-step. It is able to distinguish if you are in an lfs context or a blfs context and try to download the package if necessary. You wil be asked for the generator location. You may use a single generator for the whole stuff or sevreal generators batching some tasks together. Anyway even if there is only one code generator steps might be suitably batched when creating the shell scripts.

A manual intervention is probably needed at section 5.8 since libstdc++ is part of gcc and hence do not have its own archive.

Once you have recorded all or part of steps you can create scripts to perform lfs compilation and installation. Issue plnlfs-view-generator to access the generator interface. Flag the steps you want to batch in a single script and press the build button.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.

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